Last minute Cartier Christmas shopping

Which would you pick? Just been going through my grandfather’s archives and came across this Cartier advertisement from December 1931.

It targets the last minute Christmas shopper eager to impress their loved one with an ‘objet elegant’ from Cartier – there’s watches, cufflinks, lighters, even the classic trinity ring.

Crucially though, none of these are big ticket items – times were tough back then in Paris, London and New York (right in the throes of the Great Depression) and even if you could still afford big diamonds, it wasn’t the done thing to be flaunting it.

So my great-grandfather Jacques and his brothers had to pursue new business avenues. One way to both attract new customers and keep the existing ones interested, was to promote more affordable, and crucially useful luxuries at “les prix moderées”.

Just look how structured the design of the advert is – the simple shop front below, all the items neatly stacked on the right, no use of people imagery – appealing to the practical client rather than selling a luxury fantasy.

Heaven forbid Cartier should promote extravagant spending while others suffered – these objects were basically necessities (!), and all at a reasonable price.. The tank watch at the bottom, for example, is 1450 Francs which, based on @lefigarofr’s converter, works out at 820 Euros today.

OK, so its not exactly cheap but the Cartier brothers would never compromise on quality – the evidence being that it would certainly be worth a lot more today…

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