A marriage arranged…

Decisions, decisions.. ‘A marriage has been arranged’ and now comes the fun part…a trip to Cartier to choose the ring!

This 1937 advertisement from Cartier London proudly talks about the British craftsmen who make the jewellery. It even invites the clients to view the process.

My great-grandfather, Jacques Cartier, started a workshop (English Artworks) above the New Bond Street store in the 1920s so his London branch could design and make their own jewels rather than relying on the Paris workshop (which was run by his elder brother, Louis).

Anyone else love the super chic couple in this image? Right down to her little handbag and his rather dapper cane. You had to look the part to enter the store back then – no jeans and trainers (or their equivalent)..

Just check out that intimidating doorman poised to either open the doors or refuse entry if required…

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