Gorgeous Cartier turtle design


As I just posted on Instagram, just been flicking through an old Christies Jewels catalogue and came across this gorgeous design for a diamond and gold turtle brooch, with pavé-set diamond sliding legs and head and an engraved gold shell.

It’s from Cartier London in the 1950s, which was when my grandfather, Jean-Jacques Cartier, would have been at the helm.

I knew he always loved transforming animals into jewellery but had never seen this little turtle before – so sweet! Has anyone come across anything similar?

I love all the old designs, I know they were just a step along the process to the finished item of jewellery but I see them as miniature works of art in themselves.

Photos never really do them justice, in the flesh – or rather on the paper – the colours literally jump off the page.

The brooch itself was listed for $3500-$4500 in 1992, not sure what it sold for in the end but I imagine it would be worth rather more today..

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