About Me

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After leaving Oxford University in 2000 with an MA in English Literature, I studied at the Sorbonne in Paris before moving on to a career in finance. I am CFA-qualified and have worked in London, New York and Asia.

I learnt about jewellery from my grandfather, Jean-Jacques Cartier, who was the son of Jacques, one of the three brothers who built the firm to world-wide renown.

I am independent from the modern firm, following the sale of the business from my family in the 1970s. I have lectured extensively on many aspects of Cartier’s history in London, Geneva, Mumbai, Milan, Singapore and Hong Kong. I am regularly in contact with jewellery experts at auction houses, museums and elsewhere, and also with the archivists at Cartier.

I am a member of the Society of Jewellery Historians and have contributed to their publications, including an extensive piece (Maharajas, Pearls and Oriental Influences: Jacques Cartier’s Voyages to the East in the Early Twentieth Century) in the academic publication, Jewellery Studies (Volume 12).

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