I have lectured all over the world to very different groups, from small private gatherings to much larger audiences. My lectures tend to focus on the more personal side of the Cartier story, revealing the family behind the firm. Previous lecture topics have included “The Inspiration behind the Innovation: A look at Cartier’s Creative Vision in the Early 20th Century” and “Jacques Cartier’s Voyages of Discovery in the East: Maharajas, Pearls and Oriental Influences”.

All lectures are illustrated with original sketches and designs, diary entries, letters, photographs and telegrams. For more information on other lecture topics, or if you would like to discuss a bespoke lecture, please contact me.


”Fascinated, enchanted and gripped by true life stories of her illustrious family, the audience were spellbound and excited by all they had learned. The genius of Cartier has been extensively written about and meticulously documented over many decades. However, to hear the personal stories of the three brothers Louis, Jacques and Pierre and their childhood dream to create and run the world’s largest international jewellery company, told by the great granddaughter of Jacques was a seriously special event in the jewellery world. Francesca Cartier Brickell inherited a wealth of material from her great grandfather that tells the Cartier story in a way that no one has heard before. Should you be lucky enough to have the opportunity to hear Francesca speak, clear your diary immediately and make certain you are there!!! ”

David Warren, Senior International Jewellery Director, Christies


“Francesca Cartier Brickell, granddaughter of the late Jean-Jacques Cartier, gave a wonderful Evening Talk at the Victoria and Albert Museum to coincide with the Bejewelled Treasure: The Al Thani Collection exhibition.

Having spent the last decade researching the real story behind Cartier, her captivating talk explored the fascinating legacy and history of the world renowned jewellers. The talk was extremely well received, with visitors, Curators and Cartier employees all calling for a follow up event in the near future.”

Jenny Phelan, Programme Manager Adult Learning, Victoria and Albert Museum


“Francesca brings to life her family’s heritage and legacy by giving an intimate account of how her Great Grandfather, her Grandfather Jacques along with his two brothers Louis and Pierre turned the name Cartier into one of the world’s most famous haute joaillerie. Francesca recalls her conversations with her Grandfather, his memories and shares his diaries she discovered along with complimentary imagery to maximum effect, allowing us, the audience, momentarily to be transported back in time to an era the jewellery world will never see the like again.”

Joanna Hardy, Jewellery Expert and regular specialist on the BBC Antiques Roadshow


“Francesca’s talk was fantastic. Personal stories, passed down from generation to generation were simply fascinating, and we all gained knowledge that I’m sure many people who even work for Cartier don’t know! A particular favourite was a story about how the New York Cartier store started – through the exchange of a pearl necklace and the building (now worth $90 million!). If Francesca does any more talks in the near future, be sure to see her. At ease with the audience and a passion for carrying on her great Grandfather’s stories, she was a particular highlight of the day.”

Online jewellery-based blog, written about the London Jewellery Week lectures.


“I very much enjoyed your lecture. Your point of view is fascinating and I learnt many interesting details. Please keep me informed about your future lectures.”

Bernhard Berger, Cartier


“The personal stories of the creative and business geniuses behind great companies often get lost. Those of Louis, Jacques and Pierre Cartier almost were, but a stroke of luck has meant Francesca Cartier Brickell is able to bring the world of these three great men alive in a way that no-one outside the family could. The Cartier creations of the early 20th Century were superlative, and any book or lecture on Cartier can show you that, but none have the inside story on the individual inspirations and travels that add a magic that is hard to beat.”

Sarah O’Brien, Christies


“We can’t thank you enough, Francesca, for a lecture that was probably the highlight of a marvellous three days organized by Christie’s. I don’t think we will ever look at our Cartier pieces again without thinking how fortunate we were to meet you and hear your story.”

Audience member


“It was a great pleasure meeting you! The accounts of your grandfather, Jean-Jacques, were enchanting, and seeing your private archives were a real highlight. Thank you for sharing them and your time with us”

Audience member


“I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderfully entertaining and informative evening. Your talk was enthralling from beginning to end. I loved your grandfather’s family anecdotes and your original take on what inspired Cartier design. After a long week, it was a real treat to hear someone so enthusiastic and passionate speak about such a fascinating subject. I’d love to hear more!”

Audience member